Fire Damage Restoration in Kansas City

Fire Damage Restoration in North Kansas City

From small grease fires in the kitchen to completely engulfed homes, DRS Disaster Restoration has been there for almost a decade helping folks put their lives back collectively after devastation. The destruction that a Fire brings into people’s lives is heartbreaking; you will need to us to be there to assist our communities and assist people on their street to recovery by with Fire Damage Restoration in Kansas City.

Most fires are induced both by structural failures (bad wiring, malfunctioning appliances, etc.) or human error (grease fires, smoking, fireworks, etc.). DRS Disaster Restoration technicians will help put the items back collectively after a loss! By using scientifically proven strategies to revive both buildings and the contents inside, we can velocity up the restoration process and get the affected particular person(s) again to regular in no time!

Smoke and soot can journey and penetrate into other rooms of your own home or business, affecting paint, carpet, upholstery, drapes, clothing and any personal or family belongings.

There are two groups of fire – easy and complex.

Simple fires are fueled by pure fuels and customarily end in complete combustion. Advanced fuels, the most common house Fire, are fueled by synthetic materials in carpets, furnishings, toys, wiring, etc. and generally end in incomplete combustion and the manufacturing of soot and acid deposits.

Irrespective of how massive or small your Fire, you have got two problems afterward: to wash the smoke and soot and eradicate the cussed odors they generate and go away behind.

We will divide the areas of concern down for you and deal with every separately. Thankfully different materials and levels of harm do not all require completely different merchandise -only a change of method or dilution to soundly clear the surface and restore your property to full value. Our licensed technicians have been through these battles earlier than and are on call 24/7 to right away start the hearth restoration course of so you may get your life back in order.


At DRS Disaster Restoration, we use essentially the most up-to-date equipment and procedures to ensure odor removal. Relying on what sort of odor is being removed, and if there is smoke or soot, this a number of-step strategy of cleaning ensures the perfect result. In most smoke and soot damages, Air Scrubbers are installed to filter out particulate from the air before the partitions, ceilings, floors, and contents are wet cleaned utilizing an odor counteractant followed by Ozone. Ozone is used as a result of it converts smoke odors into innocent, odorless CO2 & water vapor. Odors from smoke damaged carpet, upholstery, and furnishings are banished forever. The unused ozone simply reverts again to abnormal oxygen, leaving no perfume or disagreeable fragrance behind. Ozone uses no chemical compounds, perfumes, or masking agents.

Structural Restoration

After a fireplace, giant or small, it may be tough to inform precisely how a lot injury has been accomplished to the structure. DRS Disaster Restoration can work with the affected parties and their insurance coverage companies to ensure that both the seen harm and the unseen damage is identified and restored! Our technicians are trained in quite a lot of completely different testing methods, and are dedicated to restoring the property to its pre-loss condition.

As soon as the harm has been recognized, our technicians determine which technique will best purge the ash and smoke from the building and proceed room-by-room all through the building. By utilizing a room-by-room, “top down” method, we be certain that no section of the structure is left untouched. Over the last 8 years, we have now developed some of the most efficient and efficient ways to rebuild and restore property value. We keep an open mind, regularly contemplating and attempting extra creative methods to get the job carried out whereas assembly the wants of consumers and insurance companies. We now have the power to surround you with the most skilled minds within the industry. Discover it comforting to know that we have been by these battles before, and will easily restore your property to full value. Throughout most smoke or Fire situations, the HVAC system will also should be purged and deodorized. DRS Disaster Restoration provides duct cleansing companies as a part of our full Fire Restoration process.

Sometimes, once a house has been cleaned, there’s nonetheless a lingering smell of smoke and soot within the air. By way of using specialty air-neutralization and deodorization methods, we can create an setting that is really cleaner than earlier than the loss happened!

So your home is clean… however what about every little thing inside? Does it all have to get replaced? Let us help with Fire Damage Restoration in Kansas City.